Water leaving canister- Where to place this tube in the tank

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Aug 9, 2003
Criders Corners, PA
I got a Hydor Prime 10 canister filter. I have a question on setting it up. I understand head height and I think I'm ok there. The tube coming back up into the tank has a little sticker where the maximum water level should be. This line would only be an inch, or less, below the water surface. That seems pretty high to me.

For those of you who have canisters: Where is your outflow positioned? By outflow, I mean the water coming out of the canister and back up to the tank. Where is this tube in your tank? My directions seem to say that this little tube must be only an inch or less below the top of the water surface. It looks like a U shape, with a tiny little directional spout, so almost all of the U will be sticking up over the tank (and adding to the head height). I have never seen anything like that in anyone's pictures.
Thanks...this does seem odd. I just checked again. It definitely says Maximum water line, and not minimum. I don't have fish in this tank right now, so we'll just have to give the canister a good run-through!
I have the old version of that filter...the Renaissance 20. it has the same oddball marking. I ran it deeper than that and didn't have any problems. Mine had a 'filter cleaning' indicator...just a plastic tube around the intake. I yanked that off to reduce tank clutter.
That's good to know, Malkore. Thanks! Those directions did seem odd!

This does look like a nice filter. It is rated for a 20 gallon tank, and my tank is 10 gallons. From the looks of it online, it looked ok for a 10 gallon tank, and I think it will be. I do think it would be way too small for a 20 gallon tank.
Mine was also rated for 20gal, but seemed too small, and the flow was too light IMO.
i only got it cuz it was on clearance at the LFS. the box looked like it came from 1970.
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