Water pump + oil lubricant mixing salt.

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May 6, 2012
I recently bought a powerful water pump (350 g/hr) to mix salt water for my 30 gallon reef tank. When I got home I realize the pump requires lubricant between the inlet and outlet valves where it will be in contact with the water. I assume I need to buy a different pump.

Are there any other pumps you guys would recommend?
Yes don't use that pump if you have to use lubricant. I personally just use a rio 1200 to mix my WC water. Their cheap and it does the job just to mix
Thanks! I will return the pump and look something like the Rio 1200. do they sell those at regular hardware stores?
Hardware stores won't carry rio pumps but they probably would carry some type of pond pump you could get. Would probably be a little expensive. Do you have a LFS?They would definitely carry it.
I use a MaxiJet 1200 for my PWCs, both to mix the water and to move it from my 30 gallon tank to my 125. MaxiJets have a great reputation. I would suggest a MJ600 or MJ900 for your needs. Check our sponsors for an online order. Depending on where you live it may only take a day or two to get to you.
Forgot about the maxi jet. A+ to that pump.
I just use the rio cause it was the pump that was sold to me when I first got into the hobby. That was 8 yrs ago.
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