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Dec 1, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Ok when I bought my new 90g tank it was a private deal and was told I had the tank, stand, skimmer, powerheads, and more. Everything was in boxes so I didn't know what to expect. The deal was too good to turn down. He was running SW so I new he had what I needed to start this thing up. After pulling all the box's apart and seeing what was inside I discovered what is called a Wavemaster Pro Microprocessor pump controller. I don't know what it is. I am guessing that you would plug your power heads into and in would alternate them. Correct? Just wondering if it's something I should try and plug in or not. Any info would be great.
Yes. Hook your powerheads up to it.

How many powerheads you runnin' in that 90. Should be at least 2. 3 Wouldn't hurt.

It makes the powerheads do the alternate flow thing. Off and on at differnt intervals. Helps for a more random flow instead of things blowing the same way all the time. Simulates a more natural reef where things blow/flow different directions.

Very good addition to a tank IMO.

And the first time you push the Night button (next to the feeding button), it'll remember and repeat that every nite at the same time to simulate more subtle nightime flow so everybody can rest better.
Well I hooked it up and once I got it goin found out the main button is not working so I can't get it to go past the one wave light and only P2 will come on. Any suggestions?
Do the marine setting and let it do what it can.

You only push the nite time button once. It remembers from then on what time nite is.
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