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Aug 16, 2004
My toadstool has been in the tank for a week or two and is doing the standard Toadstool shedding.... I've noticed that it seems to be showing more and more "mint green" as it sheds.... and I've had to "baste" it almost once a day for the last three days or so.... do they normally shed this much at once??? How long before I see the polyps again ???
My Toadstool took about a week or so to fully open. I did not notice any shedding like my finger leather did when I first added it.
Well my toad opened right away but the placement wasn't good so I had to move it.... since then it's been opening and closing and "waxing" I've seen a few polyps here and there.... My devil's hand is doing great though...
Mine "waxes" about once per week...but seems very healthy otherwise, so I think this is normal behavior.
mine seems to go dormant about once a week also. it still opens and closes for a few days, just no polyps. then it will have the polyps out for about 36 hours straight. after that it will polyp a little less unitll it is dormant again.

steve r
Try placing your toadstool in a medium flow area to help it shed. I had my toadstool in a med-high flow area and it externded polyps all the time when lights were on. I've never seen it shed before either. If it did, the flow must of removed it quickly that i've never noticed.
I'm starting to think the flow was too high.... I had a 300gph ph pointed in the general direction... I tried to break it up with some rocks.. but I dont' think it did the job.... turned it off and after a few hours the polyps started comming out again......
Try placing it in a lower flow area and see how it does.

Here is an old pic of my toadstool before I gave it away. It's in a pretty good flow area, you can kind of tell by how bent the polyps are from the flow. The toadstool is also leaning into the flow.

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