what about rid-ickor rid-ich ?

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These remedies have a very poor track record. About the only thing that is proven is Hypo and copper treatments that must be in a QT.
Yep, in general there are no quick fixes in this hobby. Hypo, copper in a QT is what is going to do the trick every time.
I posted this already.

Hello Everyone,
This has been my experience. I picked up my Blue Tang about 10 month ago. A week after I put her in the tank she was sick with ich. I used a bottle of kick ich for over two weeks and after a month she was still sick. I was in another LFS that was going out of business and I picked a small bottle of Tropical Science Marine-Max for about $5, half off or so. In less then a week the ich was gone. I moved about 3 months ago and I was all out Marine-Max. A month went by and she started to get sick, it was some sort of parasites this time. I went to my new LFS and picked some more up, she is doing fine. If you have a Blue Tang I wouldn’t leave the FS without it. I started this hobby less then a year ago and I have not had a death since I started using this about 9 months ago.
Treatment is as follows:

One teaspoon per 20 gallons, every two weeks.

For aquariums with unhealthy conditions, ad one teaspoon per twenty gallons three time a week until condition improves.

Ad when performing water changes or when adding new fish.

It is two bottle held together by its label. You can get a large bottle, 16oz for around $18. This will treat bout 950 gallons of water and is much cheaper then Kick Ich that you would use after your fish have already been sick. It is also copper and chemical free, so it is Reef safe.
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