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Oct 17, 2023
I have had my Fire Eel for about 6 weeks and lives in a 240g tank with his tank mates. I have barely gotten him to eat, however the plants have been partially eaten so I figured he was eating them. He lived under a rock cave this entire time and he has been hanging out front and center.

I love that he has finally come out, however, he looks terrible! He has this slime all over him, is breathing heavily and his little fins are not flapping.

In addition, a few of my blue acaras have ich, so I have the tank at 84 degrees trying to get rid of that.

I have added more salt. Appreciate any advice

Posting pics
Need to see pics but first off, have you checked your water parameters to figure out why your fish have ick?
Eels have a slime coat that gets thicker when the skin is irritated and that is probably what you are seeing. Also, Fire eels do not eat plants so that is another issue you may need to deal with.
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