What am I doing wrong here? Deltec skimmer MCE 600

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Aug 9, 2013
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Guys why do I have bubbles coming out?

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Hi there
Going by the picture you needs to rise your Cup higher just gradually raise it until The froth stops running straight into the cup section also your tap section should be around about 1 o'clock mark Plus you need to take into account sometimes skimmer can go a bit mad for a hour or two if you've just done a water change or you've added some additive to the water even adding frozen foods sometimes can make it go a bit crazy for a few hours.

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Thank you so much for your response.

So I've gone ahead and made what I think were the correct adjustments that you suggested to do, correct?? I've uploaded some new pics....

I've been watching it for approx 5minutes and its stayed at that level, bubbles are very vigorous but as you stated that could be because of my water change, and I've actually not long done a massive one because I had to make changes to my overflow system.

I feel like my waste cup water level shouldn't be that high? With my old MCE skimmer I never had that, although this version is much more progressive. I'm still yet to pull out some real real gunk... Maybe you'll nail it for me lol. This is definitely now running differently to how it was.

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I've had one of those for years now ,couple of other things you could do until it settles start at the highest position on the Cup and gradually work your way down until it stops overflowing also you could turn the tap down until you just got a small amount of air going for it this would deafly slow things up then reset over a length of time until things settle even putting things like bio pellets and also make it go crazy for a few days.

One thing you do I have to check on a regular basis is where the airtube connects to the pump The pump side of it gets blocked with calcium every so many months but this has nothing to do with the way things are going at the moment.

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