what are kudos

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Kudos are points you get for posting questions and answers. Or you can gain kudos by participating in some of the games in the lounge. They are there to give away to people who help you out (or win the games LOL). :D
Moving to site help/feedback. You will also find a description of kudos in that forum.
I have a similar question, although trying to quantify it. That is, if someone helps you out, what are the customary number of points given? I've recently gotten some great advice, but I don't have a feel for it -- is the typical range 1-10, or is 100 a typical "atta-boy! thanks!".

There really is no rule of thumb. You give what you can depending the amount you have and what you feel you can give (ie: you have 20 kudos, giving someone 1-5 is perfectly fine). You can take a look at the "kudos transactions" under your profile on the homepage.
I'd suggest using what makes you feel confortable - considering what you may have to give away. Someone with 500 of'm might give 50 to someone for help. You have less than 100, and may give someone 10 for the same situation. No one will have a problem with whatever you'd like to give, and they most likely understand that you don't have a lot to give - so when you do give, say that 10 or 5, it'd probably mean as much to the recipient as someone with a lot more to give.

IMO, you can't go wrong giving kudos however that make you feel right.

Here, have some. 8)
Thanks Ray :)
And I just passed them on (and then some more) to those that helped me out.
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