What brand pump or powerhead makes the least amount of noise

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Sep 21, 2004
Sacramento CA
I will be purchasing a new wet/dry filter soon and along with it, a new pump or powerhead to return the water to the tank. I wanted to get your opinion on which brand and model is the quietest. In the past I have used Aquaclear, Rio, Maxijet, and Pondmaster. I've found that although some brands make less noise than others, there can also be a trade off in quality. I would like a quality pump/powerhead and I will need the pump to handle around 300 gph max. Does anyone have any thoughts???
I recently started using a Mag 9.5- it's virtually silent (once plumbed). I was genuinely impressed by just how quite it is. According to everything I've heard Mags are durable/dependable pumps also. HTH
Wow, thanks for the input. It sounds like the consensus is the Mag. I've also heard good things about Mag, but I've never owned one myself. It looks like I'll be purchasing one soon. Thanks again!
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