What do I feed a blue lobster

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Lobsters are scavengers and will eat what ever they find. I would feed it a piece of shrimp or clam every once in a while. They should eat pellet and what ever it finds on the bottom.
My friend is planning on buying one of these for his 55 gallon along with danios and plecos. Would the lobster hurt these?
so ur saying they could possibly eat zebra and leopard danios (the ones he's getting)?
I would skip the lobster, they can and will eat whatever they can get their hands on. I had one in a freswater tank that attempted to decimate my fish population.
Most likley what you see at the LFS is a blue crayfish. The store in my area keep them in plastic boxes in a tank with fish. They will eat anything they can get a hold on, including your fish and each other.
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