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May 22, 2004
California US
I just saw at the LFS: it is small (2.5-3 inches), bright yellow, looks like a rubber squish toy, and it has fins that look like feet. It was hanging out in some rocks. It has a round face, tinny teeth, eyes in the front of the head, creepy looking thing...!

Does anyone know what that is called?
The store had as "sponge fish" but I googled and didn't find anything like it...
I googled "ugly fish" and came up with this picture... It looks like this guy, but bright yellow...
Any one ever heard of "Zoofish??"
Nevermind... I googled "rare fish" and I found out what it is...
Do you guys know anything about this fish?
I have one....pic ini my avatar. He's great even thought he doesn't swim around too much and I have to be careful what fish I place in with him.
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