what is better?

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Jan 2, 2008
Naperville Il
Thanks for all answers before.Now i almost made a decision about upgraiding my CF lights for my 90.gal tank{fish and corals} I need just last your opinion.What would you pick.2-150W metal halide with 2-54W T5 and moonlights or Nova extreme HO 8-54W T5 with 4 moonlights? Please let me know!!!
Just because of the depth of the 90, I would say the MH fixture. You get better penetration deeper in the tank with MH.
I absolutely agree. The MH are going to give you better penetration. They will also give you more options to the kinds of corals you can keep. The T5s will allow for SPS also but they just want have the color and growth as they would under MH.
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