What is the minimum size that a saltwater tank can be?

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Oct 21, 2016
Hi, guys! I've had my heart set on someday having a saltwater aquarium, but I don't have a major amount of room. I know that they have to be kind of big, so what's the smallest gallon size that I could have and still have a successful aquarium? I don't want anything big, just a few small damsels, chromis, and maybe a couple of clowns. Thanks for your time!! :3
That's a pretty tough question for what you are asking.
A 20-30 gallon tank could hold a pair of clowns and another fish or two, but stocking isn't the same as it is with freshwater. I wouldn't have more than 4 small fish in there. Once you hit the 55-75 gallon range options open up some...but a large amount of fish in the hobby simply need large tanks.
Thankfully in your case none of them need a big 6 footer.
40 Gallon breeder is a very popular size but somethings as small as a 29 gallon cube is good.
Thanks, guys! This helps a lot. I don't wanna have a huge complicated tank because I already have two others to take care of, plus I kind of want a small practice tank for later in case I want a bigger one, you know?
I ran a 10g reef at one point that ran pretty awesome but I'm so not sad that I upgraded it to a 75, personally I would recommended a 40 breedder as they give you a lot more room for corals and rock scaping , plus it lets you have a bit more stock
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