What kind of food do you feed your corals

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I made my own food after reading Doug's thread on the topic, but the oysters I used had too much water in them, so a lot of the food ended up more pureed than planned. But this does mean that there is a lot of tiny stuff floating in the water for my SPS and filter feeding inverts. I target feed the LPS once or twice a week with the same fish food mix (cod, shrimp, mysid, clam, oyster, selcon). I just clean my sponge prefilter frequently to keep the uneaten food from spoiling.
my most recent mix came out like mush also. Too long in the processor. I still use it, but I try not to let it thaw all the way.
Doug, the food recipe is brilliant. Mine turned out so mushy because the shellfish added so much water that it all stirred through the food processor much faster than I expected. But the fish love it, so I'm unconcerned.
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