what kind of uv sterilizer is best?

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Jun 14, 2006
Misawa Japan
i am ordering a UV sterlizer here soon, and i was just curious if anybody had any suggestions on what i should look for. i have a price limit of about $120 give or take a little, but i don't know what kind to look for. any suggestions are appreciated.
I use the turbo twist and am happy with it. Once every six months when I replace the bulb, I clean the clear housing part (it gets lime or scale on it or something). Also, don't forget to factor in the cost of the pump going to it. HTH
From experience and talking to some people i would say that the Current Gamma is a better UV than the turbo twist. And it defianitely has a tougher construction. IMO an all around better product. Is it for your 40g tank? I would get the 15W. It's like 100$ on Marinedepot.com. Thats where i got my 25W and its great.
actually, it's for a freshwater tank at work, but it's 40 gallons also, i was debating between those two UV sterilizers anyways, but i think i'm going to go with the gamma. what kind of pump do i need to get with it?
The gamma has a strong PVC construction i think its the best choice. I wouldn't put more than 100-150 gph through it so any pump rated for that flow. I only put about 200gph through my 25W so 100-150gph should be a good flow for u. Remember the more time the water is in the UV the more effective it is. A small mag drive will get the job done fine, just check the gph on it.
Since you have a FW are u going to be getting the 8W??
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