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Jun 22, 2008
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I have a 14 gallon Biocube with a maroon clown, BTA, open brain coral, xenia, and a tube coral. I am getting ready to replace my lights and i am not sure which one's to get. They have actinic, 10,000K, and 50/50's. I have two light slots so i need to pick two of them. does anyone have any recommendations?
I have a 125 gallon reef and I run the super actinic and 50/50 bulbs on my VHO system. I think that lighting is pleasing to the eye as well as good for the fish and corals.
Currently i have the 10,000K and the actinic, if i switch the 10,000k for the 50/50 bulb and keep the actinic do you think my corals will be receiving enough high intensity light?
Thanks, i have always liked the 50/50's but i thought they weren't giving enough light to my corals. i think i'l go for them.
I went to go buy the bulbs and i wasn't sure wether to get: 2 50/50's or 1 Actinic and 1 50/50? if u do suggest the 2 50/50's, i currently have a dawn/day/dusk effect and would not be sure what the time frame would be for the light timers.

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