What type of protein skimmer

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Feb 22, 2011
im looking for some recomendations on a HOB protein skimmer for my 45 gallon fish tank, its slowly being converted into a reef it has a torch coral, duncan coral, zoas, and mushrooms under a dual t5HO power compact light (solar max) and for fish i have a vlorik wrasse, toby pufferfish, coral beauty, and a scooter blenny. i had a remora nano protein skimmer on my tank earlier but it really wasnt doing a good enough job and for w.e reason it was dumping crap back into the tank so i just took it off, i still have it do you think i should buy a stronger pump for it, or will this type of skimmer still not be good enough for my tank and if not any reccomendations maybe the remora pro? would really help me out thanks guys
I would have recommended the regular remora, I love mine. I had it on my 29g and now on my 55g.

I see you had one already though and didn't like it. LOL
its not that i didnt like it, its just that it stopped working it hardly produced any skimate and i figured it was because it was the nano and it just wasnt the correct skimmer for my tank hence the reason for the post lol im just basically looking for some reccomendations i might not even get one my tanks been doing just fine without it so far
With your size tank its not a totally needed thing, at least til you get to reef. You can keep it good by doing regular water changes. :)

I clean my cup from remora every other day and let me tell ya, it's totally gross....

I hear that the bakpak skimmers are cheap and effective if you want another option as far as hang on back. Octopus makes some great ones but i believe they are a little pricey.
well i do have corals in the tank, but they all seem to be thriving just fine without it i do water changes every week so im sure thats helping keeping the system balanced right?
Yep, those pwc's are vital to keeping your tank up to par. I would continue to keep doing what you're doing. If you have the money and feel like getting one it can only help. :-D
i wish i had the money :( lol im still trying to pay off my investment hopefully one day ill make more money and i will be able to afford everything i want for my tank
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