whats your favorite saltwater fish?

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Mine could possibly be a honeycomb grouper. Mine is the only one I've ever seen for sale in person and online. Awesome fish. Look it up if you don't knowwhar they look like.
For one that i have , my clown trigger..
For one i want is a Conspicuous Angelfish:rolleyes:,,but realistically ,my next fish and second favorite will be an Anularris angel(once the upgrade is done)
This is a great idea. It lets me see all the really cool fish I CANT HAVE. LOL I hate having a small tank.
Well it wont happen in my 29 but when i had a 75 years ago it was a Achilles Tang.
achillis tang

Bettacrazy said:
ahhh!!!!! the other pics arent loading :( oh well

Glofish are really cool! But not natural. They have a blue and a purple one now!
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