When to expect life?

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Mar 22, 2012
Just set up 60 cube
60 LS
67 LR
Set up Monday 19th
No lights

I'm just can't wait to see micro life star in my tank. But how long till amphopods and stuff? Don't know if I spelled. It right but u get it
You may have some right now since you added live rock and sand. :) Once the tank is cycled you can add pods and they will reproduce and live in the rocks. :)
I started seeing things pretty quickly, but it all depends on where you got the rock and sand, really. Best bet is to take a flashlight and look in when the tank is dark. A lot of the benthic organisms you'll see first are light shy.
Don't the pods usually come in the LR ? And other stuff?

Is there times that LR pretty much has nothing on it but the bacteria?

I bought it uncured

Sorry guys I'm a newby!!
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