Which filter should I get????

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Which filter should I get?

  • Eheim ECCO 2233

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  • Rena Filstar XP2

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Oct 13, 2005
Harlingen, Texas
Okay, the choice is Rena Filstar XP2 or the Eheim ECCO 2233??

Each has merits. The ECCO 2233 is rated for up to 60 gallons and says it will do 145 gph, but I have heard that the Eheim ECCO is an awesome filter.

The XP2 is rated for a 75 gallon tank and is purported to do 300 gph (probably not). Whichever filter is going on my 55 set-up with an Aquaclear 70 that is rated for a tank up to 70 gallons and is said to do 300 gph.

Vote on which filter you would buy if it were up to you!! Thanks.

Unles your writing me a check, forget about money and focus on filter quality. :)
Looks like the Eheim includes all the media. That might be good or bad, depending on what you need and what it includes.

I don't have any personal experience wih Eheim, but their reputation is impeccable.

Myself, I don't trust anything that claims to be TOO easy to operate. I'm normally disappointed in those type of products; either because of quality or flexibility. With the Eheim, I would be concerned about one of the TWO latches breaking over time and causing a catastrophic failure while you're sleeping or at work. The Rena uses four (easily replaceable) toggle clamps. Even if one fails, you'll probably still be sealed tight. I also like the option to choose my own media.

The out-the-door price on the Rena is higher because of the need for media.

I would pick the Rena.
i personally love both of these filters ... I personally run an Eheim filter and WOW is all that i can say. it is a top of the line filter in my opinion. I personally rate almost all eheim filter products above all else. Though i do believe that for canister filters that Rena Filstars are second.
I'm in the process of buying the rena Xp2 also for a 55g planted tank. After reading all I could on this site and the price at Big Als it sounds like we can't go wrong. AL
TwoHobbies said:
I'm in the process of buying the rena Xp2 also for a 55g planted tank.

I've just completed the same purchase for the same reason.

I've also got a XP2 on a 44g pentagon that does a great job for me.

I'd highly recommend it.
If money wasn't a factor, I'd take the Eheim...just because money HAS always been a factor, and so I've never owned an eheim.

Honestly I think either will do a fine job. The eheim's are supposed to be very quiet, but I hardly hear my XP2 or XP3. Then again a very quiet hum has never really bothered me, having grown up with airstone pumps running all night in my bedroom ;)
Well, that's probably true, but I really want to be way overfiltered (just like on my 29 and my 10) because I want to keep rams and angels. If I can get a good bid price on one of these I will be happy as a lark. I know the AC 70 is probably a really good filter, but IMO you can never have enough filtration. :wink:
I had an ecco and an xp1... and I found that for the same size filter.. the xp1 filtered much more water.... !!!! so check the gph before you make a final decision. I do love the xp1 now that i have it.

the ecco was easy to use too.. but it was hard to give up teh extra power.
If you want to keep angels I would buy the eheim because the flow rate won't be to high, but still enough.

And nearly every part for the eheim is readily available to replace.

Check this link out if in doubt. Just click on spare parts in the service area on the left side of the menu once you enter.


Good luck
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