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May 30, 2009
2 individual powerheads like the maxi jet 1200

or 1 koriala power pump head

i want a good current in a 55 gallon short tank

2 maxis would save me about 10 $ but i want whats best for my tank
which power head is better

i have a 55 gallon short
which power heads should i get

2 maxi 1200s 295 GPH each for a total of 590 GPH

or 1 koriala pump 850 GPH
I'd actually go with 2 regardless. 1 Koralia 1 or 2 and a maxijet 1200. Or 2 Koralias. I like flow. :D
I agree, go with two. The Hydors are awesome, but they give more of a cone shaped flow (I which I really like). I have also had snails and urchins crawl over them without getting stuck...
I dont know if you are the one paying the power bill each month but looking from a electricity usage standpoint I would go with the koralias. Also with the Koralias you get more flow and imo better flow than a maxi jet. Just to give you an idea to run 2 maxi Jets for a month it costs a little over $5 while two Koralia 3's would cost you around $2.50 a month and you get 3X the flow. So the extra money you spend on the Koralia's is made up for through your energy bill.

In the long run the Maxi will cost you more, in electricity and live stock (snails and other animals tend to get sucked into them and cant get off.)

Just my $0.02. sorry if its alittle jumbled, im tired haha.
thanks yetee. lol i dont pay the energy bill but i am into being environmentally sound in as many ways as i can so i guess i will get the koriala. thanks for all the answers
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