which protein skimmer for a fish only tank

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Apr 25, 2003
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
I have a 125g gallon fish-only tank which is composed of a ton of live rock, pre-drilled tank, wet/dry filter with a mag-drive 24 or 18 (can't remember right now), UV sterilizer with a rio 170 pump, and a Sea Life Systems Impact Skimmer with a CA2200 pump which is the same as the RIO 2800SS pump. Ok, problem I'm having is this:

I can go weeks before I need to clean the collection cup off the skimmer. I've had tanks before and this never used to be the case, I would usually need to clean in a few days or within a week's time. I've cleaned all parts, pump, tubes, cup, etc...Made sure it's all leveled out in the sump, have played with the venturi valve until my face turned blue and it just does not collect that much, as if the bubbles/water flow/air flow never quiet make it up there. The collection cup has a drain-pipe for excess waste, but it never gets used since the cup never really fills up with liquid, it does; however; in time fill with slime that's thick as hell.

I'm I just nuts and this is normal and let it be?
Do I need to switch skimmers to say something like a Red Sea or Kent Marine?
Do I need a bigger pump? (Sea Life systems recomemnd the CA2200 for the model 150 that I have...)

ANY help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.
as for length of tank:

6 months

as for stock:

3 - blue damsels - (small)
1 - semi-circulatis angel (1 week old - medium)
1 - queen angel (1 week old - medium)
2 - dog-face puffers (large)
2 - triggers (1 week old - medium)
1 - coral beauty angel (medium)
3 - blue tangs (2 small and 1 medium)
1 - percula clown (small)
1 - tomato clown (medium)

and I think that's it
From your bioload, I am suprised you are not pulling out ALOT of gunk. Is the skimmer new? Has it worked properly in the past? Could be a faulty venturi. If nothing else I would contact sealife systems, whenever we had to deal with them in the store, they always had good customer sevice.
thanks. I will have to give them a try, but yeah, no crap at all. Skimmer is same age as tank setup, 6-7 months old. At first, it used to take out ALOT of junk, now, barely any, and with all stock I have I would think this thing should be spitting waste outa like a maniac.
LFS is clueless other than you usual "could the be the pump, could be not enough water in the sump, could be the venturi valve" - all been checked, all good, all cleaned and all have been messed with at diff. levels/ratings with no effect.
going nuts.
The Bak-Pak skimmers are good from what I hear. Also the Aqua C is supposed to be one of the best skimmers out there.

I just ordered a Bak-Pak 2R for my system. Like your skimmer, mine doesn't work all that well. I have cleaned it, emptied it, etc... to no avail. It was a Seaclone so that may have something to do with it...

I was just looking at the AquaC skimmers today on the web and was thinking about getting one - just hoping to make the other 'work' the way is supposed to, because there is no way or reason that thing shouldn't be spitting out to the overflow with the amount of fish and volume of water due to the live rocks, etc...
For what it's worth, the best money I've ever spent in all my saltwater fish hobby life(13 years), was on an Aqua C protein skimmer. The crap this little machine pulled out of my tank in the first 3 days made me appreciate all that's good, fresh, and clean in life. My water quality made a dramatic improvement since I plugged that Aqua C in. i clean out some godawful, disgusting, filthiness about 3 times a week. The thing works...
I just ordered my Aqua C yesterday. I have only read good things from this skimmer. I even talked with the owner Jason in California before I ordered just to make sure it was as good as the reviews I have read. I guaranteed to me that this will be thes best skimmer I have ever used. :) PLus I like the fact tha it's black and you can easily conceal it. I did purchase the surface skimmer for it as well I don't know if it's overkill for my 46 Gallon take but I can't wait to see it in action.

I have just ordered a aqua c remora for my new aquarium because of all the good things i have heard about them. I have looked at all the other brands and decided that the aqua c looked like the best skimmer for my aquarium. I orderd mine from loganj.
The Aqua C is perfect for a 46 gal tank. I have a couple of them running and I think they're great skimmers. I'd love to try one of Aqua C's larger in sump models.
If 929rrchico can get a Remora to fit on his sump or wet-dry (most likely), I can guarantee with that fish load and poor performance of the previous skimmer he'll be emptying the collection cup on the Remora about once an hour for a week. I'm not exagerating either.

I'm not familiar with the SeaLife, but it sounds like another vanilla powerhead/venturi clone that as usual, doesn't work worth beans. The Remora isn't perfect, but it will run rings around his current skimmer and doesn't require a fraction the adjustment.
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