Why does my apple Snail always float?

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Dec 21, 2013
I've had many of these snails in the past but I have never seen one float for as long as this one has. I know it's alive as it comes out and latches itself on to the glass occasionally but for the past month it's just been floating when it not stuck to anything. There are no issues with the setup, 29 gallon tank with ehiem 2213 and Marineland bio wheel 200. Tank has been setup for 5 years and weekly water changes as always. Any idea what's wrong with my snail?

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Hi, apple snails can float for a few reasons. In the wild they close up and float down stream as they look for food or want to move on, they can float if they're being picked on? The water conditions can be off? Air trapped inside the lung have you tried turning him upside down and rotating him under water? This would help the bubble come out.
I have had a few apple snails that have done this before so it's not unusual.

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