Will this tank work?

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Mar 22, 2005
I have a 20 gallon with a bio wheel 330 and a red sea protein skimmer meant for a 60 gallon. i put 4 lbs of liverock in. Do you think that i will be alright as far as filtering goes?
It is good to start with. I am running a penguin 170, a fluval 104, a maxijet 700 and about 30 pounds of rock. You may want to get some more rock, if nothing else get base rock or lace to add to the tank and it will become lr too.
Eventually you may want to lose the biowheel and use live rock for filtration, although that might be trickier in a 20 gal, since the rock will reudce your water volume further.

My tank is 30 gal with about 50 lb of LR and a 10 gal sump with macroalgae. I don't use any other type of filter, other than some filter fluff in my sump to trap particles. I still have a small nitrate reading (around 10) , which I reduce with water changes. I'm hoping that the system will mature and I won't have nitrate readings at all (my tank is only a month old).

Good luck.
That is a very good start. For better biological filtration I suggest putting in another 20-30lbs of LR. What substrate are you using?
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