wire location for lights

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Jun 1, 2005
south carolina
Was wondering if anyone has a split canopy with lights mounted on the front section and if so can you explain or show me how you ran the wiring across the hinge? I just got a new canopy that is split and can not figure out a good cosmetic way to run the wire from the ballast to the end caps and still be able to open the lid fully and not have a bunch of wire hanging down when its closed.
You can use the wire U tacks they use for coaxial cable to staple the wire to the top of the hood, leaving enough loose cable to allow the top to open. Alternatively, there are stick on tie wrap holders you can use. These stick on, and you put a tie wrap through them and around the cable, to hold it where you want.
Thanks BillD, I'll have look into the U tacks. I know nobody will see the wires with the hood closed, but I'll know that there there and little things like that irritate me for no reason. Guess I try to be too much of a perfectionist. Thanks again.
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