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Oct 31, 2004
The tank has started to come apart for the stand swap, I really dont want to do this but I must. My buddy Jack may or may not have to help before it's all over with, Mr Daniels has seen me through a few rough times over the years, LOL, I'll keep you posted on the progress,
Anyone want to guess how long it's going to take to swap stands on a 150, 4-5 inch sb, 300-350 pounds of lr etc. etc etc..
Hmmmm... I'm guessing it'll take 12 hours. :D

At least it's done now, instead of having to mop up the water from your floor, and having to scoop the sand and rocks up from the ground. 8O Pics man! Must upload pictures from the process so we can share in your pain & rebirth!

Anything about the plumbing you ever thought about having done differently? Now's your chance - or am I too late for those words. Wishin' you the best.
Ok. The jobs over, I was prepared and it took 6 hours to complete. It wasnt near as bad as I had thought but a lot of work none the less. I didnt change anything other than the rock placement and I'm still not 100% satisfied with that but it's staying this way for now. I did remove about 50 pounds of it since I didnt like the wall of rock look of which I need to sell now.
I lost one frag, a pincher off of my cbs and a pistol shrimp and I took out a few crabs that I felt would be trouble in the future. I came real close to going back with a bare bottom tank for sps but I didnt, I'll wait and see how the Tunze's react with my sand next week. I did however learn a new trick for adding water to a tank with sand in it without creating a sand storm, I took a 4 inch deep cooking pot and placed it on a large cookie sheet and let the pot fill up overflowing onto the cookie sheet and filling the tank, it was crystal clear in less than an hour of turning the pump on. Last time I filled it up it took 3 days for the water to clear up.
I'll post pics tomorrow of the old stand I cut in half and added to the ends of the new one, looks good and I now have somewhere to put all the stuff that it takes to run a large tank without looking cluttered, so far so good. :eek: :eek: :eek:
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