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Mar 5, 2010
Fayetteville, NC. Well today i went to 4 different "Pet" stores that sell Salt water aquarium fish/supplys and im just disgusted. All the stores had cyno, improper lighting and just terrible fish quality, the worst ive ever seen. They even had a Nurse shark in a 90g tank and he was about 1/2 the size of the tank. Can i call humane society about this? Anyways i thought my tank wasnt up to par which i ever do, i always feel theres a problem lurking or a certain paranoia (maybe thats why my tank looks so much better). So i got home and ordered another power head, cleaned my canister and topped off with fresh water. Im sorry for all the abused salt water fish out there. :(
Just report them and see what happens. A living thing deserves better.
To be honest with you, fish are not regulated like mammals are so I highly doubt the Humane Society is going to do anything worthwhile nor is it worth US Fish/Wildlife's time. Having Cyano and "improper" lighting has no bearing on the health of the fish, it is just unsightly. Unless you physically test their water quality, it is speculation as to a degredation of animal health. Most stores just make tanks livable until the fish is sold...sad truth, but it's a business. Just don't go to them in the long run, one less customer = less revenue.
I've been to most fish stores in Los Angeles/Orange county with saltwater, and the worst i've ever seen is Pacific reef in Torrance, ca. I understand you can catch a store on a bad day but this store is bad everyday, even when they have their new shipments in. they have one t5 above a pyramid of tanks which contain dying corals. they have tanks all over with dying corals and sick fish. They have empty used tanks all over the floor and a box of open used pc lighting tubes. I wondered if they were actually selling those since they were set in the middle of the store like a display.

does anyone know of any other bad stores in LA?
Innovator is correct. Fish have no rights. It is highly unlikely that the Human Society will do anything at all. Where the law comes into play with fish is when you try and release them back into the wild, that is against the law.

It's a shame, truly is.
well it wasnt so much the fish i was concerned about, it was the shark. I know for a fact some sharks are endangered speices. I wouldnt say so a nurse shark, but maybe thats big enough to raise some eye brows.
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