Xenia/ricordea question

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Jul 14, 2014
I have a pulsing Xenia that has just taken off and before I could move it to a rommier part of the tank, it attached to a neighboring rock not too far from a ricordea. At this rate I fear it will over come the ricordea. Do I just let it happen? If not, what shall I do?
Ok. I'm not practiced at that. It's the side of three seperate stalks that have adhered. I just cut each stalk and robber and them to a rock? It won't cause death? I have a nano so try not to let critters die and foul tank
Should be just fine doing that. If you are worried about it, just try it with one at first.

When you move it, try to put it on a rock in the sandbed isolated. That way when it continues to grow rapidly, as they tend to do, it won't grow onto other rocks and cause these issues for you.
The ricordea can probably take care of itself. I use to have tons of Xenia and mushrooms. They along with GSP make very distinct dividing lines, like a small kill zone. But don't seem to overgrown each other.

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