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Apr 6, 2007
if the output wand is underwater will it agitate the water enough to oxygenate it or does it have to be above the water to do that. thanks
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Underwater is fine as long as it's near the surface and provides a slight ripple. No need to have it above making excess noise.

Is this for a FW or SW tank?
thanks, it is for fw. i am currently in the first week of the cycle and bought the test strips. was that a waste or what, the colors are barely even close the the color charts provided.
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I'd recommend getting the API master test kit. You'll be much happier, and the results are much more accurate. They are, however, still using color matching to distinguish levels, but it is a much more accurate test.

Are you running a fishless cycle? If you are, and you can tolerate the noise, aim your spraybar more at the surface during your cycle. The extra oxygen is beneficial to speeding your cycle along.
What test kit are you using and how are you cycling? (hopefully it's fishless)

If cycling properly you should see some nh3 by now.
it is a fishless cycle. i am using mardel's 5 in 1 test strips and mardel's ammonia test strips. the ammonia source is a couple of sinking food pellets. there is a piece of curling bamboo inside the tank with pool filter sand a stealth heater, and an artificial plant. here is my day 8 reading:

ammonia .25
ph 6.4
alkalinity 0
total hardness 120 (moderate)
nitrite .5
nitrate 20

I used a product called cycle on day 1 and day 7 to help boost the bacteria. any thing look bad so far? i know a lot of newbies will give up but that is not me. if it takes longer thats ok, it just means more time to figure out what kind of fish to put in the aquarium. any input is greatly appreciated. thanks
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