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May 30, 2006
Hi all,

Tomorrow, im getting a new filter as well as some lighting, anyway im going to get a Fluvel 405 for my 45 gal tank, ( yes i now it designed for a bigger tank but its only £10 more than the 205 so hey, may as well) anyway if you have a fluvel 405, what do you use the 8 section for, i now like 2 are for bio media, but i have a planted tank ( yay lol) so i wont need carbon, and the ph is between 7 and 7.4 other than bio media, what can i use the other sections for?

Any suggestions would be great
I don't have a Fluval, I have an XP3, but it has lots of media space. I just got mine Saturday, but I'll tell you what I have in mine. On the bottom is 2 coarse foam pads and 2 fine foam pads. In the middle is some Bio-stars (for bacteria buildup), made by Rena, and some Filter floss (just polyester stuffing). The top basket has a micro foam pad and more floss.

You could use some floss, some sponges, some ceramic cylinders/rings, bio-balls, and some foam pads. Just make sure you read the instructions and place them in the appropriate baskets.
Cool, any1 else got a fluval 405 with a planted tank< what can i use the 4 places were carbon would usually go, for?
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