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Dec 3, 2006
I ran across a spec sheet on "seaclear II" wet/dry came with a line to inject air into the media chamber....I understand the benefits of added O2, but I have not seen this before and was wondering if I should incororate this into my wet/dry design
You need an air/water mix by definition of the word wet/dry. There are a few ways to do this.

A) A chamber where the bioballs sit above the water line and water is drizzled over them (by trickle plate or spray bar)
B) A chamber where the bioballs sit below the water line and air is injected under them.
C) A moving media that alternates between wet and dry enviroments (like the biowheel)

I havn't seen your design, if it has the bioballs mostly submerged, then you may want to consider the air injector.
I don't have it drawn yet, because it keeps changing....I look at the Megaflow sump filters, and the bio-chamber is above the water....I look at the CPR Aquatics filter and it appears to be mostly submerged....Then I see the SeaClear and they have optional air injection....I'm so confused

Basically I'm thinking something like the Megaflow... about 10" deep x 19 wide x 16 tall...stand pipe flowing into the first chamber....spraying over some sort of mechanical media, and dripping into the bio media in the second chamber... dripping into sump, which will house the heater and return pump.(I was looking at the RIO 1100)...I want enough bio filtering for 40gal min, and the most water I can get in the sump.

I guess the real question is how big do I need to make the Bio chamber???
Hmmm, interesting...

What about if you wanted to replace the bioballs with LR rubble as many here have suggested?

Would you still keep it in the chamber above the waterline with a trickle over it, or would you want it all below the waterline like all the other LR in our tanks?
I suppose I should have mentioned it will be for a freshwater tank
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