Zebra Lion

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I have a zebra lion. Awesome fish. I have read they are reef safe because they don't really pose much of a threat to your corals but, any shrimp or fish the same size or smaller would be considered a potential meal. And they are constantly hungry so...
I also have a fuzzy dwarf. The zebra has been much more tricky to wean off live food. He will however eat flake food for some reason. So far the only thing I've been able to get him to eat is flake, live brine and feeder guppies. Once in a while, a piece of raw shrimp. As far as compatiblity, they will do ok with anything that will stay larger then them and won't pick on thier long fins. They also like alot of rocks with overhangs. They like to hang out upside down under the rocks. HTH
It is a very pretty fish, and does stay smaller.

I am torn. I want a reef aquarium, and I love lots of colorful fish (clowns, gobys, angels, etc.)

But MAN! I love that zebra Lion! But I don't think there is much else I can put with him in my particular tank. And I would hate to see him alone.

I wonder how a fu manchu lion would fare with a zebra lion....
You can mix lions as long as they are simular size. I believe the fu manchu stays smaller at only 4 inches and the zebra can get 7 inches. That could become a problem later down the road. I can assure they will eat anything they can swallow and then some. I had a damsel in with mine. He wouldn't behave in the main tank. The damsel was the same size as my lions. They got on fine for a month or better but I turned the lights on one morning and no damsel and a very fat lionfish.
Hey Rocket.I hate to tell you this but your tank is to small for 2 Lionfish because of the heavy bioload they produce.Please research these fish further before you buy another Lion.
Thanks, Lefthan.

I haven't bought any fish yet for my tank yet.

And I concluded just after posting this question that the Zebra Lion would not make a sutable fish for my tank. I plan on sticking to smaller, peaceful fishes. (my original plan anyway.)

I mainly wanted general Information on the fish for future refrence is all.

thanks again guys!
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