Ziggy953's 72 Bow

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Dang sweet tank. Love the scape so natural , so colorful ...... Absolutely adore those purple zoas you have too :)
These are just georgous !!
The first pic, those are really not as purple as they look in that pic. They are actually more redish. They are the first zoas I put in the tank. Unfortunately I had a damsel that ate all but one polyp. I snatched them out of the tank and put them in my little nano. When I moved the tank about a year ago I got that damsel out of the tank and put one polyp from that colony back in the main display and they have gone nuts. Send me a PM. I might be able to help you out on those zoas!!!
I thought I would take a few top down shots. Some of them didn't turn out. So here are the ones that made the cut.




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Did you get most of your corals from the LFS or online? I'm looking to start a small (12G) nano tank now that i'm back at college but i can't find a LFS that has real good looking stuff. Will the colors of the corals change after you have had them in your tank and the start to grow or will they stay about the same as when you first bought them? Most of the corals in the fish stores around here are kinda dull looking and i don't really wanna put them in my tank if they are gonna be lame. I don't really wanna play the money to buy online though either.
stop that:sorry: you make mine look sad and empty and cause me to need new key boards from drooling :p
I thought I would post a couple of then and now pics. This is what my tank looked like when it started out.

And this is what it looks like now.
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