zoomed 501 nano filter and premade sump questions

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Dec 9, 2010
Audubon, NJ
so i work at petco and thy are giving employess 40 percent off most aquatic items this week. the zoomed 501 cannister filter caught my eye,its for 2-10 gallon tanks and as some of you may know i have a fluval spec. I was wondering if anyone has used this and how it performs.

next we have one of those premade sumps on clearance for 67 when its normally 200. So i was goona pick it up for my 34 long, i was wondering how they work exactly and if it would work on my tank which is not pre drilled
Imo a sump is the way to go. Not to hard to plumb all you need is a over flow box and a return pump. Heres a pic of my sump I built from a 10gal tank for a 30gal tank and you can see the over flow box left of the secons pic works great


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well id rather jusy buy this one as its thinner and will fit in my stand. do these premade sumps have everything you need? ill give it a better look tmm but im really not to sure how to set these up or if i need to buy anything else
Oh yea most def get one that fits. I had to make one cuz a ten is about all that would fit under my tank. Add plumbing isnt to hard. Not to shure if it has everything.
okay cool thanks. i believe its the proclear one that includes a skimmer. so all i need is an overflow box and a return pump i think. the overfow just hangs on the back and i attach the return and intake pipes to it?
Heres some pics of how I hooked it up easyer to show then expkain
1st over flow box flows down to sump
2nd return pump gose up to tank
3rd water to tank
Hope this helps


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yea that helps alot thank you. i believe we have an overflow box on clearance for 17 as well.ill check all this out and mae a post tmm. thanks for the help
So I decided to stick with a diy 10 gal sump rather then the wet/dry system. Anyway you can help me out with what supplies I need and how to make this scubasteve? I have the tank and a pump, where do I go from here. Thanks alot
Most def will help you out
Thing you will need
Over flow box with hose, for water to sump.
What ever size tubeing you need to go from your pump to the tank. If you have a canister filter you can use the outlet end to dircte your flow or buy one, not needed but looks cool.
Plexi glass for bafles might need to mesuer and cut. I just looked at a pre made sump and spaced it out similer to that. Then scilacone the baffles let dry and that about it let me know I can take some up close pics to help if nessecery.
Awesome I think the baffles and what not seems simple enough. Do you have a reccomened gph for the pump? And do u have any suggestions for an overflow
I would say 350 to 450 for the pump bepending on how much flow you want. As far as the over flow box I got one for a 50 gal because that was all my lfs cairred. To me it could be smaller but works good for me
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