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Old 03-08-2021, 09:31 PM   #1
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Why do I see veins and one white spot on my goldfish?


This was my post the last time I had issues. I was on here dealing with ammonia issues before and now new problems keep popping up. We were good for a while. Fish.....but I do love them. But here is where we are now especially for those who don't wish to read the older thread.

I currently have 2 goldfish in a 37 gallon tank. (Just bought a 55 to start conditioning) I have a common and a comet. We are using a Tidal 110 filter and ammonia, nitrates and nitrites are at great levels. This was our first time owning goldfish since I was a kid and a long time in general since I owned an aquarium. I know for a while we had ammonia issues as the common (gold) was turning black. He is back to normal and in fact they both act fine. He does have some missing scales but there is no rubbing on anything. He will chase his tankmate from time to time but no real hard contact, in fact, it looks like he is not even touching him. I have a cave and they sleep together in it.

The comet, however, had a vein running down the back of his dorsal fin when we had issues and it formed a bloody spot inside the bottom tip. It had diminished but the vein is visible up and down the length of the dorsal. The anal fin has a little vein but also a small white spot. They have always been the only fish in the tank and we have changed tanks as they have grown fast. Nothing live was ever added and we treated them with Tetra Lifeguard as they were swimming erratically, scratching on the rocks and the common had a head twitch. We got them in February 2020 and this only happened a couple of months ago. The only 'live' thing in the tank was I was giving them frozen brine shrimp once a week (thawed). Once the issues happened I stopped that. But now there there is no scratching, flashing or erratic behavior. My wife is doing water changes every 3 days more or less as the ammonia level demands. We didn't know they would get this big but we keep upgrading our equipment to suit them. The 55 will be running 2 Tidal 110s simultaneously.

But I'm not sure what the comet has going on. I am attempting to add a photo but photographing fish is like herding cats. I have the best photos I could grab now, some which show some veining and the white bump on the anal fin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-09-2021, 08:30 PM   #2
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I知 not sure I see the line / vein you are describing. But if I saw a single spot like that on my fish I would think it had snagged a fin or rubbed on something and it
was just a healing spot.

If the fish are acting healthy and nothing else appears that would be my guess.
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Old 03-10-2021, 12:23 AM   #3
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Thank you for responding. I did a LOT of research today and it sounds like you are right on the money about the spot. A healing spot, or a fracture of some sort. I am no picasso by any means but I put a black circle around the bump. I just got more info from my wife. She has done some research herself and believes the golden is a boy but we can't determine if the comet is a boy or girl. When he chases she just said she notices he tends to come up under him/her and she read it seems like mating behavior. If the spot is just a healing spot then it could be from him bumping into her. I have seen the golden chase the comet never lasts long but I suppose it wouldn't take much to damage a fin.

I also put a red circle around the red spot inside the fin and drew (horribly) lines to approximate the veins I see. I'm not sure as I've researched about veins and red spots also and have found they are generally linked to bad water quality, stress or ammonia. The water is changed when ammonia is present, we use a water decholirinator and a filter designed for a 100g tank since the fishies make SO much waste and besides the occasional chasing by the common they are inseparable. They both eat well, sleep in the cave and will swim to the other side after a minute or so if the other has swam away to be near him/her.

When we first got them we have to admit we learned a LOT on the fly. We had ammonia, nitrate, water quality, etc. issues that we had to deal with and learn about fast. My wife has been in charge of that as she has a biology degree and runs a bio/chem testing lab but the last time I owned fish, as I said, was as a kid. But bless her she has done EVERYTHING possible to learn how to take care of them, test the water, what to look out for, etc. which has been amazing as I wanted fish and she really didn't. Like I said the golden was turning black so I wonder if the veins showing might just be residual damage from any chemical problems we had run into, kind of like scars. But once we figured out what the issue was she corrected everything and they are happy and healthy.

I had two carnival goldfish I won in the 4th grade in the same large bowl and they lived for eight years but never got bigger than an inch. I guess I never thought it would be this extensive but they are my kids now, like my cats. Or my real kinds who don't talk back or shed. But once I realized how much more this was going to be was once they hit 3 inches and kept growing. But we have made sure to keep as informed and diligent as we can be to have them happy and healthy.

I'm sorry the pictures aren't clearer but I took about 25 total to get 4 decent ones. Herding cats and all.

Thank you for taking the time to respond as I appreciate any help someone is willing to put the effort into giving.
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fish, gold, goldfish, spot, white, white spot

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