1 spot foxface 35 gallon.

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Yeah i agree keeping him in there all his life would make no sence but if i buy him like 1 1/2 inch , i cant believe he'll outgrow the tank in the first year?!

It is so much that he will out grow the tank in a year it's more that what happens in a year? 12 months is a long time for life to throw lemons your way and plans change. You may have plans to upgrade to a 500g tank in a year but plans don't always come to fruition and now you have a fish that's not happy and don't have that 500g tank. The best mentality is to stock your tank with suitable fish and then in a years time if you do get that 500g dream tank you can stock that accordingly at that time. These are recommendations that most people here will agree with, the fact is that it's your tank, your money and your choice in the end. You want to put a 3 foot shark in there that's your choice, we won't agree with the decision but what can we do? Tell you we don't agree and make suggestions, again it's your choice to heed those suggestions. What I can say with all certainty is that if you decide to get a foxface or a flame angel or a shark and the tank isn't suitable the animal will be stressed, the water chemistry won't stay at acceptable levels because the bacteria can't handle the load and your tank in habitants will all be stressed and pose the very real probability of perishing. We want to see you succeed and have your reef tank flourish.
I would not do an angle either. its not even the fact that they can nip corals, because if you get them small they usally leave the stuff alone. I have a reef with a coral beauty and it doeant bother a thing.. the point about it is that they get up to 5 inches and if you put it in their they are very active swimmers and will not be happy. its just my personal advice you can do what you want I already stated before I wouldn't even think of doing a fox face nor a angel.
I wouldn't get a fox face they grow faster than you think. I bought a small one for my 56gal. tank and in less than a year I felt he was too big for my tank. While he seemed happy most times, he was stressed at times and he ate an entire rock of clove polyps. It's not worth buying a fish and planning on getting rid of it when it gets too big because you will get attached to it and probably not be able to get it out to get rid of it. I know I could not have gotten mine out with out taking out most of my rock they will go into your rock and you will not be able to get them.
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