10 gallon nano reef

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Apr 2, 2011
Cookeville, TN
I am going to be starting a 10 gallon nano reef soon. This is my first saltwater tank yet so kind of exciting. I would like to keep a Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral, assorted polyps, and zoas. I have been studying on filtration and everything for a tank like this and I think I will be gettting a aquaclear 50 with purigen, chemipure elite, and filter floss. Heat would be provided from an Aqueon Pro 50 watt heater. Also, what do you all think of this light?

Odyssea T5 Aquarium Lighting

Also, is there any particular brand of test kits or salt you would recommend? Thanks everyone.
I have the 24" version of that light and am very happy with it. Well worth the price in my opinion.
I have a 72 watt light on my 29 gallon Biocube, and I can have almost any soft/Lps coral. In a 10 gallon you should be fine :)
Is there anything about the setup you all would change? I want to keep it fairly simple, especially since I am new to all this and don't want any fish.
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