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Sep 12, 2006
I have recently added my first dose of fish to my 10 gallon... 6 l/f gold danios. They are extremely fun to watch. I'm watching the ammonia and have had a small spike, but nothing to serious... which I've counter acted with water changes. The cycle seems to be coming to an end, so in the next few weeks I'm hoping to add a few more fish. The danios in the tank are very active and happy. I'd like to add a male betta and some pygmy cories. My question is, how many pygmy cories can this 10 gallon hold before it becomes over stocked? Should I get something to make air bubbles? My hob is the standard Top Fin 10 that comes with the tanks from Petsmart.

Additionally, once I move (short move down the road on November 1st), I plan on setting up my other 10 gallon tank. I wanted to know if either of these are out of the question:

1 Rainbow Shark
2 Dwarf Gouramis


2 Angel Fish
2-4 Pygmy Cories

If these aren't viable, I'll probably do a guppy tank.

Thanks everyone!

The angel fish will outgrow the tank, as will the rainbow shark.

The dwarfs will be ok so long as there is only 1, they are pretty territorial.

Not sure about the corys

How about a shoal of tetras or rasboras?

You could also add a small pleco, Bristlenose or clown would work in that tank

Mystery snails are fun to watch, as well as shrimp :)

Good Luck
As pleco said, the rainbows and angels would definitely outgrow the tank. The corys would work, but IDK if I'd put loaches in there as they would soon outgrow the tank. How about a small school of neon or rummynose tetras?

how about four pygmy cories and one dwarf gourami?

Any livebearers would be great in that tank. The school of tetras would be nice. Do your research and stick with tfish that get 1-3 inches long.
Yeah, and remember the general 1 inch of fish to gallon rule.

Hows this for an idea:
Tank 1:
6 Gold Danios
4 Pygmy Corys

Tank 2:
1 Male Betta
1 Dwarf Gourami
3 Otos

stocking size is right, cant promise anything about how the betta and gourami will get along
On the contrary, I have a half-moon betta and a dwarf gourami in a 10g, and they seem to be getting on fine. The betta is sure to steer clear of the dwarf, though, so it seems. I wouldn't reccomend it if they were the only ones in the tank.
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