100 lbs of cured live rock

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Dec 9, 2013
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Lots of great colors and coralline algae:)

Now how to aquascape it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Keep it in water, as much as possible to limit die off. larger on bottom sitting on bottom of the tank, not on top of sand. Stack it so it won't fall. Good luck!
Thanks eze,
I did my best to get them anchored in to the sand near the glass bottom. I like the look...rearranged it couple times..not sure if I left enough room for swimming and holes to hide in!
Will send along a pic when cloudiness subsides
Now that most of the dust has settled, I can get a good look at my man made reef! Fish seem happy enough, picking at the rock and grazing about.
Not sure thou if I've taken away needed swimming room with too much rock??
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I think it looks good and the fish have plenty of room. One concern is if there is enough flow through the rocks to prevent dead spots and maximize the bacteria filtration the rocks naturally provide. Is there a powerhead aiked at them or some other sort of flow going through them?
I have one power head and the sump return which creates nice flow as well, not sure which power head? Where would you put it and what size jet would you use?
I'd put one on both sides and aim toward the rocks. That should easily take care of any dead spots.
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