150 gallon reef, new photos! (now dial-up safe!) 8/11/07

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Yeah, i woulda added each update as a new post, but in another forum it wouldnt let me add a new post if my post was the last one (aka no two posts in a row from the same person) and I didnt know it wasnt set up like that for the entire message board. I've now figured that out lol =/ oh well.

Heres the postings of each edit with links to each individual photo:

RO/DI unit
Hose hookup
Messy tank
Sump photo
Lighting unit
Backside of the tank
Aqua-C EV 180
Tank cleaned up
Under the tank #2

Another shot of the returns
Returns #3

Tank filled (2nd time)
Same thing different angle
Look Ma, no leaks!
Everything powered on
Aftermath of salt

Refitted with Standpipes
Old rock placement
Inside the canopy
The whole thing

Rockwork #1
Rockwork #2

Ledges from the side
Rockscape V2.0
Rockscape V2.0 (different angle)
I checked my water today:
Amm 0
trites 0
trates 10


I ordered my cleanup crew today! Im so excited lol finally a living creature in that big empty tank. I made this crew using etropicals.com's build your own crew thingie as suggested in (I sorta looked at some other pre-built packages for 150gallon tanks and basically cut the order in half... except the nassassassassassassarius snails since I have a 6 inch sandbed)

Heres what will be at my house on wednesday:

DG -89178 SW - Emerald Crab (BYO) 2 x $2.50 = $5.00
DG -89182 SW - Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab (BYO) 5 x $1.00 = $5.00
DG -89184 SW - Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab (BYO) 5 x $2.50 = $12.50
DG -89197 SW - Nassarius Snail (BYO) 25 x $1.00 = $25.00
DG -89200 SW - Mexican Turbo Snail (BYO) 10 x $3.50 = $35.00
DG -89176 SW - Queen Conch - Aquacultured (BYO) 3 x $5.00 = $15.00
DG -89340 SW - Electric Blue Hermit Crab (BYO) 5 x $8.00 = $40.00
DG -80867 SW - Jumbo Cerith Snail (BYO) 10 x $2.50 = $25.00
DG -89192 SW - Astraea Turbo Snail (BYO) - Large 10 x $1.20 = $12.00
DG -89186 SW - Green Lettuce Nudibranch (BYO) 1 x $6.50 = $6.50
DG -89190 SW - Banded Coral Shrimp (BYO) 1 x $5.25 = $5.25

Subtotal: $186.25
Shipping: Free!
Cool :)

I think the BYO is a great deal from etropicals, atleast I was very happy with what I received. Not to mention it was like Christmas opening all those bags!
Well, its been a while but I'd like tio show you guys what I've been up to with my tank as of late.

Im going to skip the cleanup crew acclimation pictures, theres a bunch but its just snails in a bucket, lol. No big whup.

We are moved into the house now and after like.... 2 straight weeks of cleaning and preparing, the house is finally in a show-able condition. My favorite room being, of course, what we have dubbed 'the fish room'

I present to you: My 150 Reef Tank... thus far (as always, in progress)
The tank in the living room

Another shot of the tank, the room better lit
The tank again

The Inhabitants!
Powder Blue Tang
True Perc Clowns and Green Chromis
Crocea Clam (who doesnt like flash aparently :))
Neon Green Brain Coral
Frogspawn Coral
Multi-color brain and Pompom Xenia
Yellow & Sailfin Tangs, and Clown Fairy Wrasse

Not pictured is a rose anemone who was cranky during the shoot, and a small acropora that I dont think is doing so well (its just a little frag but i think its a little out of my league atm)

About the tangs... yeah I know the no-more-than-1-tang-per-tank rule. But heres the theory: 1 tang is a longer. 2 tangs are fighters. 3+ tangs spreads the aggression out and no one tang gets picked on. So far the theory is holding true, and as weird as it might seem, the 3 tangs actually sorta school together like the chromis. They all swim and graze together (mostly.) Its funny... now with all these fish in the tank, the clown fairy, who since I go him has been a TOTAL wuss, hiding all the time, has been so bold and out-going (not agressive or anything but just out and playing) its like a 180 from its old personality.

Well, thats all for now. :)

edit - just looking at my own photos, i realized the desjardini tang is actually a regular ol sailfin tang. Im gonna have to go have a chat with the LFS tomorrow... lol
Nice tank. Do you have a head on shot with the lights on? The tangs should be ok in that size tank. There's more than enough room for them to swim around in and hide if necessary.
Yeah its not size requirement im referring to about the multiple tangs, its the agression of the tangs towards eachother.

The second photo is a head on and the lights are actually on, just hard to see with the flash brightening up the room. Ill have to get my tripod out tomorrow to take a better head on shot
Agnate80700 said:
...its the agression of the tangs towards eachother.

Just my point. In that size tank they should be able to stay out of each others way if necessary. :) But it sounds as if it is not necessary since they get along.
Hey Agnate,

Do you have the tank on the rug itself or did you cut the rug? Im debating on throwing wood flooring in my living room because it has rug and i dont want to take a risk.
What we did was set the tank up and everything before the carpet was layed, and when the guy came to lay the carpet we just had him lay around the tank and save the extra carpet so that a) the weight wouldnt outright ruin the carpet where it woulda been, and b) if the tank ever has to go we can just slap down the spare piece into its place.
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