20 gallon long, planted

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evil Nick

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Oct 9, 2014
This is my 20 long. It's fairly new but not brand new. Well established.

Black diamond substrate
3 dragon stones for looks and bacteria load
Seachem tidal 35 hob with built in surface skimmer circulator
Diy uv sterilizer, mechanical and chemical filter with purigen and chemipure (pic attached)
Mini diy pump power head
Various plants
Finally got rid of my 3 clowns (NOT MY DECISION TO GET THEM!) so I'm finally able to try grass carpet again
CO2 system

Loaded with cherry shrimp breeding for food source
Building a bladder snail colony for food
Have a well established worm colony in sand

Fish include
Couple guppies - also possible food source with fry
2 Bumble bee gobies
3 Red battis - make but want some female to breed
2 peacock gudgeon
Orange dwarf crays (trying to breed)
2 bamboo shrimp who are actually doing so well they've molted a couple times which I've read is very good
My very juvenile leapord fish
1 rainbow goby - took it from a friend
2 Otto's
2 snails
Want one flame guarami

Before everyone screams about the load my water perameteres are perfect. Between my filtration systems, plants and weekly water changes will the boxes are perfect and fish are great. Been doing this a while and I have a strange knack/luck when it comes to keeping levels in check. There's also a ton of hiding and sight break areas.

One thing I started doing during water changes recently after noticing some flashing (possible ich entry from lfs purchase I know to be careful with) was putting half dose of paraguard in and it seems to keep everyone happy and zero flashing since first dose of meds and water change additions. Possible the uv helps as well.



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Looks real nice. I've always wanted to be able to have a real nice planted tank and they grow one too
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