29 Gallon Tank Setup

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Apr 27, 2006
Tyler, TX
I'm getting a bigger tank. I know this for sure, I just don't know how big yet. I may go with a 29 gallon. Here is what I've been piecing together for equipment. I welcome all suggestions since I'm fairly new to this, also if you know of places I can get better prices for this stuff then by all means, let me know and if you know a less expensive good looking black wood stand (must have doors), let me know. I am trying to keep as much equipment out of the tank as possible. So far I think all I have in the tank is the filter input/output and the thermometer lead.


Coralife Power Center Single - $19.99
XP1 FilStar Canister Filter - $59.99
2x 20lb Eco-Complete - $39.98
Coralife Digital Thermometer - $6.99
Hydor ETH In-Line Heater 200 watt, 5/8" - $39.99

Petsmart (local)

Top Fin 29 Gallon Black Trim Aquarium - $36.99
Perfecto Glass Canopy - ??


Satellite 30" 1x65 watt SunPaq with Lunar Light - $51.98
Docking Mounts - $3.98
65watt Dual Daylight 6700K/10,000K SunPaq - $20.98


Inline CO2 Reactor ~$15
Yeast Method CO2 Generator ~$2
29 Gallon Tank Stand - ~$30

I think thats all the equipment. I haven't started thinking about anything else yet.
It seems like you have a good handle on what you need. You may want to look at fluval or rena cannisters might save you a bit of money. Since you want to get a PC light fixture just make sure you get a glass top, dont buy the plastic fancy ones as you wont be able to use them. If you do do decide to go with a 55 gallon the DIY CO2 probably wont be enough so you will need to cost in the price of pressurized.

Good Luck!!
Fluval would take off about $20, Rena $10. Would the Eheim be worth the extra $20? I heard Eheim was the best so I figured it was worth it.
I have both Fluvals and Eheim Classics and the Fluval works just as well and comes with baskets for the media while the classics dont, makes maitenance a bit easier. I have never had a Rena but many members rave about them.
Hydor ETH In-Line Heater 200 watt, 1/2" - 39.99 (not sure if I need 1/2" or 5/8") - $39.99

If you went with the Rena Filstar XP2, you would use the Hydor ETH 201, which is the 5/8" fitting. You need to check the specs on the Eheim filter if you decide on that for fitting size. They say the Eheims are better, but I'm not really sure on that. I think it's just brand name. I'm running the XP2 and the XP3, and extremely happy with them, and the maintenance is so simple. And in the info on the XP's, they are supposed to have air lock protection. Well, with all the pearling my plants do, and when I had my CO2 hooked into the intake of the XP3, never once had a lock-up problem. Just an occasional release of gas out the output. I'm extremely pleased with the filters.

Here's a comparison chart if you need fitting sizes...
I would probably be going with the XP1 if I went with a Rena, the XP2 is way more expensive. I was actually thinking about something similar to what you did with your black painted tank Lonewolf, I'm just debating if I want to spend an extra $100 for the lighting you did. I'm sure what I listed above would be fine, but I don't think it would look quite as nice.
AFAIK, Eheims are perfectly silent...so I am told. Since I cannot hear my XP3 under the cabinet, I don't feel the eheim is worth the insane price just for -5 decibals compared to other canisters.

an XP1 is PLENTY for a 29gal. XP2 for a 55. XP3 for a 75.
Aha, looking straight at the prices I didnt much of a difference. With that comparison chart I do. The XP1 is so much more powerfull (no wonder its noisier). But then why does the Eheim 2213 say it can do 55 gallon tanks and the XP1 can only do 45?

EDIT: Went ahead and modified original post.
That I do not know.

FYI, I actually did well with an XP2 on my 75gal until I switched to cichlids...they're just a little too messy for it to keep up.
Well I decided to try an cut costs so I'm doing the stand myself. Trying to get as cheap as I can and still get what I want.
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