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Sep 16, 2012
Ok this should be a fun one so far I have been very succesful with my marine and freshwater tanks for quite some time now. I thought I would try some thing harder. The tank il be using is an ibox nano 8ltr with filter built in back il be using noodels and sponge for filtration. Led lighting pretty sure its aquazonic 22 white 3 blue. Il be using local beach sand as we have some of the most beautiful beachs in the world(australia).

My plan for this tank is for 2 shrimp an one small snail not sure on breeds yet so throw some ideas in. And to have some nice mushrooms and other lowlight coral aswell. Should be fun.
My suggestion for shrimp:sexy shrimp..theyre cute active and fun to watch...;)
yeah had a look at the peacock mantis but they get to big
tanks going great already had it spike over night heres a pic befor it has its shrimp added


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and dont stress their just local shrimp super hardy
Nope its the way they come they also do a 28ltr I think but all I did was take out filter media from my big tank and had the sponges in for a week aswell heres a pic of the back

Might be a lil blerrrrrrrry


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I have a tank very similar. Fun but way more requirements! Water changes multiple times a week, constant water fluctuations and temp is the biggest obstacle. It's a love/hate relationship. :) anyway, I have a tiger goby-elacatinus macrodon, in mine. They only require a 5 gallon tank, and mine after almost a year is only all of 3/4 of an inch to an inch at the very most. He's cool and fun to watch. I feed maybe once every 5-7 days and he just chills all day. (I tried feeding more often and he wouldn't eat, thus causing huge spikes in such a small tank). Anyway, be prepared to give this tank lots of time. I would take two more 180's over this little tank anyday! :)
Yeah Im not expecting it to last so long but its getting my girlfriend more into it and she dosnt nag me when where at the lfs cause i can give her $10 to pick out a frag for it. Tank will probaly die in a month or 2 and end up locating it all to my 40g
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