37 gallon tall tank stocking

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Aug 13, 2011
30",12",24"(LxWxH) are the dimensions of the established saltwater tank. Im thinking of putting a couple low light corals in(anyhelp is apreciated.) i want a tang but everyone says no so i guess not. I have 1 true percula, 1feather duster, 4 blue leg hermit crabs, and 3 turbo snails. What could i add to the bunch? My lighting is 96 watts t5 (2actinic and 2 10k) so i would put my low lights on the bottom and lps towards the top. I have 1 koralia 425, a marineland penguin 200 and an aqua clear 30 gal filter.(no sump or protein skimmer. I do weekly water changes. Please help!!!
Yes, definitely no tang
What about a small yellow watchman goby?
What about a reef friendly wrasse? I love the sixline wrasse but it can be a jumper so you should have a lid.
Im switching my stuff to my 55!! Yes!!! So ill have 2 koralia 1050gph's.. Any fish options??? I wanna tang!!!! Would it be fine??? I do weekly water changes and it has a emperor 400 marineland filter and a aqueon 90 gallon filter.
Yep minimum for tangs is 75 gallon and even then your still limited to like 3 or 4, the bristletooth tangs and the kole tang..
)crap.. Well anyways whats better? 2 koralia 1050 powerheads without a protein skimmer.. Or 2 maxijet 1300 powerheads with a aqueon coralife 65 gallon protein skimmer? I will have 4wpg t5 lighting and be keep thanks and thaning lps, sps, and some softies. Is this enough flow from the maxijets to cover the tank and corals? (Standard 55 long) thanks.
Nahh foxface need larger tanks... I feel like my 66 is too small :( and any dwarf angel fish is good!!
Sorry about the foxface but also a 70 gallon or larger! I've seen some huge foxface's!!
And you can get an dwarf angelfish in the 55


But they are all reef safe "with caution" so if you buy one from your lfs ask where he came from, if it came from a previous owner it's probably because it was nipping at corals and if it came from a distributor it could still possibly nip at corals, just all depends on the personality of that exact fish
Are the dwarf angels reef safe?? Will they d9 well with my true perculas? Snails? Hermits? Fromia starfish!?? Urchins? Pin cushion) lol sorry bout that. The maxijets will be fine though? Jw
You answerd 1 of my questions b4 i even asked jt! Thanks man! Ill definitely ask on that! And no foxface:'( oh well.
ZacksFlowerhorn123 said:
Are the dwarf angels reef safe?? Will they d9 well with my true perculas? Snails? Hermits? Fromia starfish!?? Urchins? Pin cushion) lol sorry bout that. The maxijets will be fine though? Jw

Yes, they will do fine with everything but might have some trouble with the corals, an not sure about the sea urchins, don't like them so I don't know anything about them haha
Most urchins aren't reef safe. The tuxedo urchin is the only one that is considered reef safe...but they like to wear your corals as a hat so are not IMO.

Check out liveaquaria.com. They provide minimum tank requirements and if they are reef safe or not.
Haha! Turned out that my mom bought me the koralia 1050 and koralia 1400 powerheads, 2 books on reef keeping and saltwater fish, and at the end of the week we are going to petco.. She said she'll buy me the aqueon 65 skimmer i want. DUDE!!!!! A tang would complete this.... Lol ill wait on the tang till i can better suit its needs. Thanks everyone for all the help!!! Tomorrows project(clean out the 55 freshwater tank.:-D
Oh and whats a good website for making a sump??? What size tank for a 55 shud be used for the sump?
If you want a dwarf angel I would go with a Coral Beauty, I had one and he never nipped at the corals and was peaceful with all of my fish.
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