55 gallon gone reef

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Dec 18, 2011
Saint Paul, MN
We have upgraded our lights and added our first coral drags (2 zoanthoids and 1 mushroom). We are now looking to plan out the rest of the stock. Currently have 3 green chromis, and cuc.
We are hoping to add
Pair of gobies (or maybe 1 and a pistol shrimp, or both)
dwarf angel? Not sure if there will be enough room?
Pair of clowns (these will be the last ones added and hopefully our tank will be mature enough for an anemone by then)
Going to lfs today to add a cardinal and perhaps another coral
ANY THOUGHTS? Suggestions on other good corals? I don't want to over stock or have any of my fish unhappy.
Sounds good but be careful adding dwarf angels they do eat coral and are bullies. I love my pistol shrimp but he makes a mess digging. Depending on the light you have you could go with some LPS like frogspawn or ducan. Leathers are always good and easy a toadstool will grow fast.
Thanks. I think I will skip the dwarf angel then. Got the bangai cardinal today and a star polyp frag. I have a 260 watt flourescent and actinic lights and led moonlights. It was amazing how different the tank looked with the new lights.
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