90 gallon stocking ideas- Amazon biotope

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Jan 18, 2021
Hi there, I currently have a 29 US gallon fluval accent but will soon be upgrading to a 90 US gallon (75 uk gallon/350 litre) Juwel Rio 350. My current tank is more South American themed rather than a biotope (2 x keyholes, diamond tetras, cardinals and farlowella). However, for my next tank I want to go for a strict biotope.
I initially wanted to go for Discus as it seemed like a natural progression from my current position within the hobby. However, I have always LOVED geophagus and would love to dedicate a biotope to them, perhaps with some ditherfish and catfish to match the specific habitat.
I just wanted to ask the community, which geophagus should I go for? I love the Sveni and Neambi due to their colours but am concerned wether my tank could handle a school of 6 (that’s what I’m aiming for). The last thing I want is an overstocked tank and I just want a realistic looking habitat for a small school of geos.
Also, what tetra should I go for?
Thanks guys!
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