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Aug 28, 2002
I thought I would post a pic of my (currently) freshwater 55. As some of you might remember, the contents will be moving to a new condo on the coast...erm...the 150 gallon. The 55 will be the SW.
Anyway, here it is now, before I tear it down in a couple weeks...I will kinda miss it I think.
The inhabitants are a BGK (hiding in his rocks on the left), 3 big gourami, a paradise fish, 2 Bolivian rams, 2 Blue rams, 1 Kribensis, 2 oto cats, a pleco.
hara~ I love your tank! It i sso pretty. the fish are beautiful too. I'm sure they will be thrilled to move into their more spacious home 8) Do you know what kind of fish you want in the S/W tank? I want to eventually keep a saltwater 30 gallon or higher. But being in the military we move at least every 3 years, so the fish and tank have to be torn down and re-done in the new location. Part of the job I guess, somebody has to do it. I guess change is good though, we are very accustomed to it. Here is a pic of my 55 with It's two inhabitants. Middle of the tank shot. Note the black gravel they are diligently spitting out of the rock. I guess they are making it the way that suits them 8O I have given up putting it back, they win :roll:
I have not yet decided on the types of fish for the SW yet. Alot will depend on what very little the LFS gets in. I am not sure that I am brave enough to have something shipped in.

I was raised military so I know what you mean about the moving part.
Well you know if your having second thoughts about moving your tank from the 55 to the 150 then you could always make the 150 the SW tank.


Dont let your LFS limited selection of fish limit your tank occupants. I have had good luck with online shippers for livestock. Kevin had a bit of a unsettling experence with one particular vendor. Both of our experences have been detailed in the General Retailers section.
empty tank :(

Here is what I have been staring at for two weeks..rather depressing.
Havent been able to decide on the lighting, the filtration system is now late on delivery, havent started building the marble wall yet.....
Empty aquariums should be against the law.
That is a beautiful tank and stand. How tall is it?

The stand looks very short in comparison to the tank itself.
The stand is only about 18 inches off the floor. The room itself is my meditation/quiet room and all the tanks (4) are best viewed from the floor, while piled up on all the pillows. Also, the tank is so tall that if it were on a standard size stand, I would not be able to work in it.

I seriusly, seriously would consider doing the big tank as SW, but seeing as I cannot come up with a valid lighting plan for even a fresh tank and I know the reeftanks need more. I do not think it will be do-able. I say valid as in affordable.
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