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Jul 31, 2015
Hi guys, I'm not exactly new to the hobby but when I started 20 years ago with a small 20gal freshwater tropical I never thought of it as a hobby and sort of got it up and running more by accident and luck I think! Those days I hadn't even heard of a fish less ammonia cycle.
Now I have,amongst others,2 Clown Loach in need of company and a much bigger tank.
I've bought a 100gal tank,I've turned up the temp. to 31*cent.which is near maximum for my tank/heater,I've also added oxygen through the filter outlet via an "air diffuser". I've read forums about cycling and use ammonia at 3ppm.Adding amm.daily. Its been cycling for 7 weeks.After 8 days 0ppm amm.was normal and I thought I was well on my way!Fool,little did I know the struggle ahead. My ammonia now, over 24hrs, only goes down to 1-2ppm,nitrites are still 5+ppm,Ph.8,nitrates are 80ppm.
Will I ever get my Clowns in their new tank? Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.
Hello, yes I have,I did try washing a dirty filter in there.I've also tried a couple of items suggested by aquarist stores that put all the good bacteria in your newly cycling aquarium that one will ever need,but alas it hasn't worked.So I'm clutching at straws!Thanks for responding.
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