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Mar 26, 2012
Hey guys. I need some rcs. I've been looking around aquabid and I started thinking, why would I pay cash when I could pay in plants? After all, I've got a pretty stuffed ten gallon. So I want to trade some plants for some shrimp. The shrimp will go in a tank with white sand, so Id prefer some sort of Sakura painted kinda thing, but I understand those are worth more than the regulars. As for the plants I have, I've got lots of dwarf sag, some water wisteria, and I guess if you've got some awesome shrimp I could spot you a little amazon sword runner or two. That's all I want to sell right now. Oh and I guess if you really want it I've got duckweed...lots of duckweed. Feel free to ask any questions.
those plants aren't worth much, how about your endlers?
Besides the breeders, I've only got two endler fry right now. Not sure on their sexes. And yeah the plants aren't worth a whole lot. I'm not looking for many shrimp though, maybe 10 or so. I've got 30+ dwarf sag if someone needs it lol
Yeah those are the prices I'm seeing from hobbyists online, and then shipping. They're waaaay expensive at the lfs around here. Like $5 a shrimp. They aren't super red or anything either. Just regular old rcs. It's probably like that at most lfs.
I think I'm going to change some things around. How about if you've got rcs, let me know. If you want any if these plants without trading or anything, just a Paypal transaction, let me know. And if you do want to work out a trade, let me know. It's totally alright if you don't want to trade for plants, I don't have any more valuable plants I'm willing to sell right now. But I still want rcs, so lemme know if you've got some and we can work something out.
I've sold off a ton of shrimp lately. I don't grade or cull them so I have virtually all the grades. If you're patient you'll definitely catch a few sellers on this site.

I sell all my shrimp for a $1 no matter what grade. My pop should rebound in a couple of months.
Max your pm is full I tried sending this to you.

I have plenty of cherries. They range from nice normal to sakura 10/$10 shipping anywhere in the US $10 fully insulated and padded box shipped in a breather bag. I'll even toss in some alder cones.
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