adding a sump/fuge?

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Nov 13, 2004
santa cruz california
so im still in the process of setting up a 25 gal salt water reef tank and i have a 9 gal tank just laying around. i was wondering if it would be a good idea to add it on the side of my main tank with an overflow. im running the berlin method so ide probably just put some live rock in it. probably about 10 lbs and alot of plants to. just wondering if this is a good idea.
even better, if anyone has any suggestions for the use of the 9 gal ide love to hear them.
the 9 gal would be a good fuge. IMO its a little small for a sump as you cant run the sump at full capacity so the net amount of water in the sump would be 4-5 gal max.

What is your opinion on overflow boxes? I have heard never to trust them... but some may say different.
Those that dont trust them are usually the ones who want a 'set it and forget it' setup. Sure if you put an overflow in and never check on it the overflow will run over in time. But if you take a few seconds every few days to check the water levels and to check for things that might cause eventual problems like alage growing in the U tube or gunk collecting on the prefilter sponge or air collecting in the U tube or C channel.

I prefer U tube overflows myself. I have had them running on various tanks for years and never had a problem.
so i think thats what im going to do then. im still alittle unshure about how to set it up. i think ill use the out flow from my cpr bak pak to go to the fuge, then from their an overflow into the tank. that way ill get the full 9 gal out of the fuge
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